Custom software development

A full service for developing software applications
We build full-stack web applications. Our specialists will implement functional software and select the necessary platforms for it. We are ready to do the project from scratch by creating the client and server part of the development on a turnkey basis
Full-stack development
  • We develop software in record time
  • You needn’t worry for the project because we offer ongoing support
  • Only one team is responsible for the project from start to finish
Our team professionally distributes responsibilities among specialists, allowing you to control the implementation process and its timing.

Project management from start to finish - front-end, back-end, database, infrastructure. You'll get a ready functional project according to your requirements and tasks.

Build any software application with the support of our in-house development teams.
How We Work
You’ll be working with our in-house developers throughout the project. The team follows an Agile/Scrum methodology with all projects. User requirements are captured within user stories and recorded. We then prioritize stories by business benefit and what can be delivered within each sprint. This is discussed as part of a sprint planning process
Order universal software development from our experienced iziteam specialists
Dedicated team
Front-end and Full-stack software developers are selected to suit your needs. A team of experts will create a great project and will be completely at your disposal.

We have an experienced team of highly trained product owners, project managers, designers and developers ready to answer all your questions.
How it works
Dedicated Team Brief
We discuss your long-term vision and the key profiles and skills you’re looking for in a dedicated team of software developers
Candidate Screening
We discuss candidate profiles with you to make sure they are suitable. Then you conduct the last interviews, and together we begin the process of adaptation
We assist you with onboarding your dedicated team
Management and Scaling
Run a dedicated team of software developers with the help of your Scrum Team. At this point we can change and expand your dedicated team according to the needs of you project
  • Proven talents and work with a highly qualified team of developers

  • Freedom of choice in the selection of your team

  • Flexibility in changing the composition of the team or in project development
  • Reduced cost & risk. We will take into account all your requirements and complete the project on time. This type of cooperation is suitable for customers where the customer wants to control the budget and wants predictable costs
Start building your dedicated team
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